C2S2 News

June 23, 2017 Walter Oechel on the Paris Agreement with SDSU NewsCenter : “It is clear that we have to switch to greater energy efficiency, and to sustainable, renewable, energy sources.”
March 11, 2017 C2S2 held a half-day centerwide retreat the Science Dean's conference room. The faculty shared the vision for future collaborations among the C2S2 faculty, particularly cross departments. The pdf file of Co-Director Walt Oechel's presentations can be downloaded from here
February 5, 2017 C2S2 Co-Director Sam Shen leads the organization committee of the STATMOS-SIO Workshop on Argo Data Statistics to be held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), La Jolla/San Diego, California, April 25-27 (Tuesday-Thursday), 2017. Argo is the world’s most comprehensive oceanic observation system for temperature, salinity, and currents at both surface and in deep oceans since the early 2000s (http://www.argo.ucsd.edu/). STATMOS (Statistical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences) is an NSF research network that includes both SDSU and SIO.
September 29, 2016 C2S2 Assistant Professor Donatella Zona was invited to publish a commentary on Nature on long-term effects of permafrost thaw: Nature 537, 625–626 (29 September 2016), doi:10.1038/537625a.
September 28, 2016 C2S2 Co-Director Walter Oechel appeared on KPBS news: San Diego’s Forests Face Possible Extinction.
September 22, 2016 San Diego State University becomes a new partner for the NOAA Cooperative Science Centers under the NOAA Educational Partnership Program (EPP). SDSU joins the NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing and Technology Center (CREST), one of the four NOAA EPP centers. The total grant award to CREST is $15.5 million for five years. SDSU budget is $1,143,750, plus sub-contracts for special projects. Walter Oechel is the PI for the SDSU site of the NOAA CREST. NOAA EPP fellowships are available to train the STEM-major undergraduate and graduate students from the underrepresented minority groups for NOAA missions.
September 22, 2016 San Diego State University joins the second NOAA Cooperative Science Center: NOAA Center for for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS). SDSU is one of the 13 NCAS partner institutions. The NCAS award is also $15.5 million for five years, renewable for another five years. The SDSU budget will be based on sub-contracts for special projects. The SDSU site PI is Sam Shen. NOAA EPP fellowships are available to train the STEM-major undergraduate and graduate students from the underrepresented minority groups for NOAA missions.
December 21, 2015The Washington Post reported an international team's research led by Donatella Zona and Walter Oechel: Scientists say we could be underestimating Arctic methane emissions
November 1, 2015San Diego State University has become a formal member of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). In his letter of October 26, 2015, UCAR Interim President Michael Thompson notified SDSU President Elliot Hirshman that "the UCAR members at their annual meeting in Boulder on Ocotber 14, 2015 elected San Diego State University to membership in UCAR." C2S2 is SDSU's main academic unit for UCAR business. SDSU's UCAR member representatives are Samuel Shen and Walter Oechel.
October 15, 2014Science Daily Featured Research: Weather History Time Machine Created
July 13, 2014San Diego homes 48 of World's Top Scientists
July 9, 2014Walter Oechel: a World’s Most Influential Scientific Mind
March 3, 2014Ghosts of Climate Past
February 26, 2014Matthew Lauer: Fishing for Answers
January 27, 2014Sam Shen to Present 24th Albert W. Johnson Research Lecture
January 8, 2014Sam Shen: Scaling Mountains, Then Moving Them
July 19, 2013SDSU Contributes to Sustainability in China
May 10, 2013C2S2 Selected as an SDSU Area of Excellence
September 20, 2012To the Arctic and Beyond