Research Directions

Research Direction Faculty (The names are listed in the order of relevance)
Anthropology (environment and ecology): Lauer: Braje, Sam Shen
Archaeology (marine and coast): Braje: Lauer, Lipson
Arctic climate and biogeochemistry: Zona: Oechel, Lipson
Carbon fluxes: Oechel: Zona, Xu, Lipson, Sam Shen
Climate change: Oechel: Sam Shen, De Sales, Braje, Lauer, Lipson,
Climate data analysis and reconstruction: Sam Shen: De Sales, B.-W. Shen, Ullah, Zona, Braje, Lauer, Lai, Oechel
Climate modeling-global: B.-W. Shen: De Sales, Sam Shen
Climate modeling-regional: Fernando De Sales: Xu, B.-W. Shen, Sam Shen
Computational archaeology: Isaac Ullah: De Sales, Xu, Sam Shen
Fire and ecology: Lipson: De Sales, Ullah, Sam Shen
Hurricane modeling and weather risks: B.-W. Shen: Sam Shen, De Sales
Hydrology and land cover: Trent Biggs: De Sales, Oechel, Sam Shen, B.-W. Shen
Soil microbial ecology: Lipson: Oechel, Lai
Sustainability studies: Oechel: Lipson, Lai, Lauer, Braje, De Sales, Sam Shen
Terrestrial ecosystem/ Isotope indicator: Lai: Oechel, Sam Shen
Uncertainty quantification and error analysis: Sam Shen: De Sales, Xu, Ullah, B.-W. Shen


Research Areas According to Faculty

Name Department Research Areas
Trent Biggs Geography Hydrology and land cover
Climate change
Todd Braje Anthropology Archaeology (marine and coast)
Sustainability studies
Paleoclimate data reconstruction
Fernando De Sales Geography Regional climate modeling
Fire ecology modeling
Hydrology modeling
Chun-Ta Lai Biology Terrestrial ecosystem
Isotope indicator
Sustainability studies
Matthew T. Lauer Anthropology Anthropology (environment and ecology)
Sustainability studies
Paleoclimate data reconstruction
David Lipson Biology Soil microbial ecology
Fire and ecology
Walter Oechel Biology Arctic climate and hydrology
Carbon carbon fluxes
Climate change and greenhouse gases
Sustainability studies
Bo-Wen Shen Mathematics and Statistics Climate modeling
Hurricane modeling and weather risks
Climate change detection and attribution
Sam Shen Mathematics and Statistics Uncertainty quantification
Climate data reconstruction and error analysis
Climate system modeling
3-Dim climate change detection and attribution
Isaac Ullah Anthropology Computational archaeology
Subsistence economies
Xiaofeng Xu Biology Ecological modeling and integration
Methane flux models
Donatella Zona Biology Arctic climate and hydrology
Tundra carbon dioxide fluxes